About Us

At Clinton Physical Therapy

We care about our patients. We strive to provide comprehensive, professional services in a positive and compassionate environment.

When you first come in…

You will meet with a therapist that will evaluate your condition. Together, you will discuss your condition, limitations, and other factors relevant to your care to ensure a shared understanding of your needs and physical challenges. The therapist will work collaboratively with you to identify specific and realistic long term objectives for your therapy. The staff will create a treatment program designed to achieve your objectives while being mindful of your individual needs.

Each time you visit…

Treatments will focus on increasing your strength and relieving your pain. Staff will work with you, monitor your progress, and seek your feedback during each session. You will learn self management techniques and strategies for preventing further injury. The entire staff will support you in your recovery process. We can also help you educate your family and friends on what they can do at home to help in your recovery process.

You have the right to choose your physical therapy provider.

Ask your physician to refer you to Stephanie Wilcox Physical Therapy in Clinton. Our expertise in movement and pain relief will allow you to reclaim your body’s potential and learn to maintain your well-being.

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