Services Available

Rehabilitation Programs: Begin with several sessions each week that focus on pain relief, then transition to less frequent visits until normal activity is restored.

Consultations: Work with a trained expert to design or modify your therapeutic program to address recurring pain from specific activities or to change habits that cause pain.

Medical Condition Management: A tailored program with regular follow-ups, modified and adapted as you progress, to improve your quality of life and level of activity.

Work Conditioning Program: Individualized programs that focus on improving strength and function and address any limitations that prevent you from returning to work.

Conditions Addressed

– Pre and post surgical rehabilitation in cases where full function has not been restored
– Wrist, elbow, carpal tunnel or other arm pain syndromes
– Arthritis, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis management
– Chronic pain, fibromyalgia and RSD
– Balance training and fall prevention
– Computer overuse problems
– Stroke recovery
– Sports injuries
– Hip, knee and ankle
– Shoulder problems: tendinitis, impingement, rotator cuff
– Spinal pain: neck, lower back, arm or leg pain

We Specialize In:

McKenzie Treatment For Back and Neck Pain

The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is a method for assessment and treatment of spinal and extremity pain.  The method focuses on active patient participation as well as patient education.  This method allows patients to learn to treat themselves in order to return to their daily lives as quickly as possible.

Cardiac and Stroke Recovery

This focus is for patients recovering from cardiac and neurological conditions.  Sessions are usually one on one with a therapist to ensure proper monitoring throughout exercise.  Each program and session is specifically designed to tailor to individual needs.  Cardiac rehab is a combination of upper and lower body strengthening and endurance training with various equipment.

Pre and Post Operation Recovery

Pre-op training focuses on best preparing the patient physically for surgery to ensure the most successful outcome postsurgery.  Research has shown that patients who are able to participate in therapy pre-surgery are able to recover more efficiently than those without.

Post-op training focuses on individualized treatment plans in accordance to post-surgical guidelines.  Treatment plans are properly advanced and adjusted in order to help the patient reach pre-surgical physical levels, personal goals, and return to their daily activities.

Strength Training For Sports Injuries

Individualized assessments and treatment plans are designed for each athlete.  Proper assessment of each patient to decrease risk of re-injury is vital for athletes to return to sport.  Specific sport training, strength, balance, and agility are a few focus areas.

Exercise to increase range of motion, mobility, balance, posture, and gait training

The Physical Therapists use a variety of tools including weights, equipment, machinery, and patient directed forces in order to improve all limitations a patient may exhibit.  Through the skilled intervention provided by our physical therapists, along with the therapy equipment in our clinic, we seek to decrease any physical limitations that are of concern to the patient.

Postural Awareness

Postural awareness is of great importance for patients experiencing neck and back pain.  Simple postural correction exercises and the use of biofeedback can educate the patient on proper posture. This can be carried over into their everyday lives when performing daily or work activities in order to reduce pain.

Home Care Therapy

Home care therapy is a service we offer to those who are unable to leave their home in the beginning stages of therapy.  We provide a one on one session with the patient in their home to start improving their strength, balance, gait, as well as any other area that is of need. Our goal is to get them back into their community and not just limited to their homes.

SOLS Orthotics Now Available

SOLOIf you are experiencing back, hip, knee or ankle pain it could be originating from your feet.  SOLS orthotic inserts eliminates pain with responsive shock absorbing support.  Reduces joint pain by promoting proper body alignment.  Diane or Maria will assess your foot type with scanning technology to customize an ultra thin semi rigid insert made of soft leather and durable nylon core.

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